Saturday, June 4, 2016

Meet Sweet Sugarplum ... Wrapping Up All 5 New Colors

It's no secret that I've never been a big lover of anything plum, but this shade is really, really, really pretty.  Really.  It's soft and luscious and works great with a lot of our other colors. 
So now you can see why I'm having such a difficult time choosing my favorite.  Just when I think I've decided, the next day I change my mind.  
By the way, the embossing shows up much better in real life.  The light just didn't hit it right.  Maybe I need a different time of day to do my photo shoot ... or maybe... I need a new photographer:) 
Okay, time's up!  It's time for you to decide...  
               Which is your favorite new In Color?????
I will make my decision by June 26 for my Catalog Party/Open House.  Anyone who guesses which color I chose as my new favorite, will win a prize... to be announced the day after the party.

There will also be a prize for anyone who correctly guesses which new stamp set I chose as my favorite for this year.  The better you know the catalog, the more likely you are to guess correctly and win the prizes.  If you don't have a new catalog yet, contact me to stop by and pick one up.  I have one waiting for you!  If you don't have it by the party date, you can get one when you come to the party. 
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