Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Acrylic Block Technique Cards, Part 4... and a Little Laugh... On Me

I have a really pretty card for you today and, perhaps, a little laugh... on me.  I went back to our Lovely as a Tree stamp set and used the solitary tree stamp.  This is a beautiful stamp and can be adapted for quite a few techniques. 
I really like how the blues and greens worked together on the Acrylic Block Technique for this one.

And now for the laugh...
As always, I stamped the inside of the card and the envelope to coordinate.  However, I was distracted a bit by my boys and the puppies and attached the inside of the card to the wrong side of the card.  I attached it to the top of the inside.  Not to worry.  I just stamped another piece and attached it where it belongs.  I think it works ok.  I certainly wouldn't want to throw away any of it.  I could have just cut off the front and reattached it to a new card base, but I just didn't think it was necessary.
My BFF did this with a card inside at my last card class and started to take it apart to reattach it.  I told her to just leave it (and not risk tearing it) and do what I ended up doing on this card.  See, BFF, it's ok to zone out once in a while.  I taught you well:)  Love ya, BFF!
I really like how this one turned out.  This is so much fun!  
Come back for more Acrylic Block Technique cards.  

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