Friday, August 21, 2015

Evolution of a Calla Lily

Have you ever made a card, stepped back and looked at it and said to yourself: "It's almost what I was after... but not quite."  If you have, then you're going to enjoy today's post.  I call today's card the 'Evolution of a Calla Lily' because that's the way it played out.  I'll show you the end result first and then back up and explain how I got there. 
Here's the end result, with which I was very happy.  The inside stayed the same.
Here's how I started... just the 2 lilies, which is how the stamp looks.  I liked it 'ok' but it wasn't as elegant as I'd hoped it would be.
I'd spent a long time on it because, as you can see, I stamped extra flowers, cut them out and added them on dimensionals.   I just couldn't bear to waste all that time and effort by throwing it away.  I kept thinking: "I can save it."
So... I cut around the top layer, stamped and cut out another lily and attached it behind the first two lilies.  Then I remade the back layers.  I did save it!  Because the third flower was so near the top of the card, I added my gold thread to the bottom of the card this time.  I like that even better.  And, yes, I did add a few 'speckles' in gold with a stamp from my Gorgeous Grunge set.  So, do you think it was worth the extra effort to redo the card?  I'm very happy with it, so I guess it was worth it to me.
By the way, my coloring on this card was done with my Aqua Painter and inks, with a teeny tiny bit of Shimmer Paint added to it.  It makes for a beautiful and elegant sheen to the lilies.

Up next, I'll be doing a series on all the cards I've made recently using the acrylic block technique.  Be sure to come back and see what I have to share with you!  

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