Friday, January 13, 2012

Studio Tour

Welcome to my happy place, where I create my cards, scrapbook albums and projects -- my studio.

Another display on my antique mission library table.  I got it at an antique store in Iowa and just love it.  The cubbies unit is from Pottery Barn.  It's styled after the old hotel mail cubbies. 
I love to change out the displays on my antique library table to go with the seasons and/or catalog launches.  It keeps things fresh and inspiring.  It's always based on a specific color story.

A close-up of the paper flowers...

There's a 15' long bar in my studio --- no drinks --- just stamping:)  I usually have a little display on each end of the bar.
I have lots of cards on display to inspire everyone and my sign board (from Pottery Barn) keeps customers (and my husband) reminded of my next events.

Close-up of cards... wire card holder + swivel card holders are all from Pottery Barn (love them!)...
I utilize the top of the fridge for more displays, as needed...
Embossing station...
Collage frames on display behind the bar...
I now have my Simply Scored tool in use at this end of the bar.
When you run out of wall space to decorate, you start in on the inside of the cabinet doors...

Here's my studio table all set up for the new catalog party.
Close-up of flowers in box.  I love finding unique boxes and containers when we go antiquing.  This one isn't really an antique but I love the uniqueness of it.  The flowers are embossed and colored in with the Aqua Painter.
My table is usually covered with a protective cloth and there are stampin' mats (w/grid paper) at each place.  The table gets cleared and 'fancied up' before parties and Open House events.
The armoire on the left is where I store my CS and DSP.  It holds a lot!  Keep scrolling down and you'll see a photo of it opened, so you can see how I've arranged the inside of it.

The library cabinet on the right actually has books in it, but maybe a few stamped projects on the top.  The attache case was my daddy's that he used to carry his music to his piano lessons.  He took lessons even when he was in his 80's.
Handy storage...
I had the bookcases on each side of the entertainment center custom made to fit the space and to hold my scrapbook albums.
As you can see, I do like cubbies.  This one is above my computer desk.
I have a scrap drawer for each color family, 1 for textured CS scraps and 1 for DSP scraps.
Here's where I do my planning and computer work, including designing on MDS.
My little Stampin' Up! bear keeps me company while I work and keeps watch over some of my many ribbons.  The large crockery bowl was my grandmother's.
I went searching for a special jar to hold my Dazzling Diamonds and found this one.  I absolutely love it and have had customers admit that the covet it:)  I had to decorate it, of course.
Notepad cover for post-it notes...
Lots of little decorative jars to contain odds and ends of buttons... (I seem to have a passion for buttons, too.)
...another passion of mine -- spooling.  I didn't even know there was a term for it until a lady at an antique store said to me (over my purchases of several spools) --- "So, I see you're a spooler."  I never realized how many unique shapes there are in spools.  It's really fun when you come across a new one.
One of my favorite customers gave me this cute candle in a jar, so I decorated it too:) stamping signs...

Now, let's go back behind the bar and see where I store my stamps, wheels and dies...
The pull-out drawers are wonderful for getting to see all your stamps or dies. 

The smaller drawers on top work great for my punches.

Must haves:  music... snacks...
My Stampin' Around Wheels are in handy containers...
...also in drawers...sponges and sponge daubers for each ink color... ever-growing assortment of Embossing Powders (EP)...

Having a fridge in my studio is super handy!  I have everything here but a stove and who cooks when you can stamp?!!!  I have a serious addiction to Diet Coke, so I keep it close by at all times:)
I use a lot of our Decor Elements, including in my studio, and framed stamping projects.  It adds to the vibe in my happy place:)
Some of my favorite framed projects:

Here's my armoire opened.  I store all my CS and DSP in this huge amoire.  It works out perfectly.
You didn't think I'd leave the inside of those armoire doors empty, did you?

The round memo board is made from a pizza pan and was one of my favorite projects.

My studio is constantly changing.  As we gain new products, it promotes new storage organization.  As I acquire new antique 'finds' I change up my decor to work them into it.  Whenever there is a change of seasons, my displays change right along with it all.  What this means to me is constant fun!

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my studio.  Come back soon!  I'm working on a new display as we speak, so you won't want to miss out on anything.


  1. Your displays are quite fascinating and I keep coming back to your blog to look at them. I am also a SU demo and I love how you've displayed by color/stamp set/ etc. Do you happen to remember where you found your black card displays? The one that hangs down from the ceiling and also the black table top card holder? I really love those and how they look!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Both pieces are from the Pottery Barn catalog. Love them!

    2. Thank you so much for the info! I have bookmarked your blog post for future reference. I don't see my room ever being an exact duplicate to yours but bits and pieces of your room are very appealing to my aesthetic. Thanks again!

    3. Thank you for your compliments. I am glad I could share some ideas with you.

  2. Your studio has totally raised the bar for me! I am a demo also, and have searched for a style I like...and now I've found it. Fantastic display ideas, and wonderful storage too. Thanks SO much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm glad I could give you some ideas. My husband and I love to go antiquing and I really try to hunt down unusual containers, etc. to add to the unique look in my studio. I sadly turned down a cute little box today because I decided it was priced too high. Maybe next time:)

  3. Okay! That's it! I'm taking over the family room! I have a room that is only used once a day by my husband while he exercises. I have outgrown the smallest bedroom used as a craft room, and he can have that. I need a space like yours!!!

    1. Go for it! I love my studio. When I first started out stamping (before I even became a demo) I stamped in our former nursery and it was large enough for my stamping supplies only by creative use of vertical space. I stamped mostly standing up at a little rolling cart. If someone came over to stamp, we had to sit in the kitchen. We moved here about 7 years ago and it has become my dream studio. I hope I inspired you with some ideas.


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