Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favorite MDS designs from 2011

Today, this is my last post of favorites from 2011.  Some of these are a review of previous posts and some are brand new to my blog.  I hope they will inspire you to give our My Digital Studio program a try.  It's so much fun!
I have really enjoyed getting to learn my way around using My Digital Studio this past year.  These are my very favorite designs that I've made.
The first 7 designs are from my Heritage Album that I've been working on over the past year.  You will notice that the heritage pages have a similar background.  This was intentional, to give a vintage look to the sepia tone of the old photos.
The first 3 pages are of me, plus top page includes my daddy.

The next 2 pages are my great grandparents, on my mom's side.  In case you missed my previous post about these, I had HUGE photos I'd inherited somewhere along the way of both of my great grandparents.  I took them outside and took digital photos of them so I could photo edit them and include them in my album.

I also made a digital photo of one of my mother's paintings, so I could include it in my album.  It is a very large painting in a huge frame.  By using a digital photo, I can include something that would otherwise be impossible to share in my album.

My sister and I --- visiting Santa.

These layouts are from the album I've been working on in honor of my father-in-law.

These are the fronts of cards I made for Christmas.

This is the front of the calendar I made for Christmas gifts for family members.
...and last, but not least, the page I made in honor of our friend Edward whom we lost at the very end of 2011, and the page my daughter created.

The very final design was created by my daughter.  I'm including it as one of my favorites --- from her.

Remember to save and label your photos so you will have the information you need when you scrapbook.  Then, you can work in any order that you wish and eventually work with them all.  Scrapbooking is a way to pay tribute to friends, family and loved ones and to create a record of your family history.  Please scrapbook your memories, as a treasured gift for your loved ones and future generations.  Whether you do it the traditional way or with our digital program, it's a true gift of love.

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