Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Memory

Today, I lost a dear friend.  We received news that a very close friend of ours died in his sleep last night.  He was 10 years younger and in good health, so we are in total shock.  He was our church organist for years and I worked with him closely for many years when I directed our Children's Choirs as well as accompanied the adult choir for him.  He was my husband's close friend and fishing buddy and like a member of our family, including being like a godfather to our children.  When I was at my daughter's helping take care of our first grandchild, he drove all the way to Wisconsin to bring me home when my father died.  He played for our daughter's wedding and could play absolutely anything on the organ.

I could not stamp today.  I will share soon.  I did make this page in his honor, on MDS.  This is Ed with my daughter, on her wedding day.  We'll miss you, Ed.  Now, you play your music for the angels and the fishing is always great - every day.

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