Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fresh Florals and In Colors, Card Three ... and ... Some Good News

Well, I'm back.  I didn't mean to be MIA for so long, but I freely admit that I am wiped out after my Physical Therapy each day.  I continue to progress ... SLOWLY ...but positively moving in the right direction.  I can't sit OR stand for very long at a time, so I ordered a cart (graciously put together by my husband and my son) to use as my temporary work station by my big chair.  I work on little projects there and am constantly rotating what is behind my stamping bar and what is on my cart.  It feels so good to complete some little projects.  And ... I have good news to share.  Yesterday, I graduated from a walker to just a cane.  Yay!!!  I'll still use the walker if I ever go out somewhere, but the cane is all I need at home now.
I hope you're getting the idea of how to design a card template and then make several cards, each one a slightly new variation on your original design.
As you can see, changing just the color story can make a huge difference on a card design.
- Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogging world.
- Come back often for more creative inspiration.
- Let's create something beautiful today.

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