Saturday, December 7, 2013

Guessing Game, Part 3

Today, we continue my little guessing game with another card that was inspired by a previous project of mine.  One look and I'm sure you can guess how I came to be inspired for this card design, too.  This card has a special feature to it and lots of gorgeous glimmer.
Did you guess?  This card design was inspired by my Winter Frost framed project, shown in the last photo today. 

... ready... set... open...  The special feature for this design is a card that is attached to the top flap and slides up when you open the flap.  There is room below the stamped message to write a note and sign the card.  Love it!
 ... and my previous card...
Did you guess yet?  My design inspiration came from the lower left square.  Even when you design something yourself, it can still guide your design inspiration for future projects.  Fun, right?!
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