Friday, April 8, 2011

Color Coach!

What is one of the most helpful (and fun) tools you can own -- for any kind of stamping project? The Color Coach! It is wonderful. It is designed like a paint swatch book. Each Stampin' Up! color has a card. On the back of the card, it gives 2-3 color combo suggestions. I have always LOVED playing with color and don't usually have a problem coming up with pleasing color combinations, but this is loaded with combos that I would not have thought to try.

Starting next week, I am giving myself a huge challenge. I am going to go through ALL the colors in the Color Coach and make something for each color combo they suggest. I know I'll revisit colors that I haven't used for a while and that will be fun. This time of year, as I start thinking about the new products coming out with the Summer Mini (in May) and the new Catalog & Idea Book (in July), I realize that I need to go through all my stamps and revisit some of those that haven't been out for a while. Sooooooo, I will be very busy and you will see some amazing color combos. Be sure to check often to see what I've come up with to show you.

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