Monday, November 13, 2017

A Boutique Photo is Very Difficult to Pull Off

There are 2 kinds of photos that stand out in my mind as being a tough job.  One is a group photo in a living room or around a dining table.  The other is sharing items I made for my Boutique.  The photos just don't do justice to real life fun.  Here's a little peek at some of the things I made for my boutique this year.  I really had fun making them. 
I love our Acrylic Card Boxes and our Mini Pizza Boxes.  They make up into great little gifts.
Many of the items I made with stocking stuffers in mind.  Many contain some wonderful chocolate inside, too.  Little gifts like these are excellent for when you just want to give 'a little something' to a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or a teacher.  Don't forget school bus drivers and Sunday School teachers, too.  The list could go on a lot longer, I'm sure.
You can't see them in the photos but I made up a bunch of our Acrylic Card Boxes with Christmas DSP for belly bands and fun embellishments and put Ghiradelli chocolates inside, along with the poem 'This Year's Homemade Christmas Fudge.'  How fun!  The little box with tiny drawers in the back is for an Advent Calendar.
My cute little Advent Calendar.  You can put tiny treats in each of the little drawers.
 I made up a lot of Mini Pizza Boxes:)  Also, below, I made up some little gift bags with mini bottles of lotion.  It is thick and luxurious and smells wonderful.
I have a variety of fridge magnets and darling little tins.  There just might be some of those at my Christmas Retreat:)
My Christmas Boutique is open by appointment and at my Nov. 13 and 18 classes.  After that, I will close it out to make more room for class and family activities.

Those who attended the party (or ordered online) had the opportunity to earn the following ---
- Orders of $25. or more ...
  - a mini pizza box with surprises inside.
- Orders of $25. or more ...
  -a coupon for $10. off the fee for my Christmas Retreat.
- Orders of $50. or more ...
  - a mini pizza box with surprises inside.
  - a coupon for $10. off the fee for my Christmas Retreat.
  - a coupon for a free $15. class.
  - a token.
Like I said ... What a party!!! 
November Classes / Events:
November 13 -- Scraps and Prayers / TONIGHT:)
     5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Home Decor Project for Christmas
November 18 -- Christmas Retreat
     10:00-3:00 / $45.00 / 18 Cards: 6 Designs - 3 Cards Each
     Fee includes materials, light lunch, and a ton of fun. 

December 11 Scraps and Prayers Class:
     5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Christmas Cards and Tags

- Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogging world.
- Come back often for more creative inspiration.
- Let's create something beautiful today.

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