Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Third Book Box ... and ... I don't believe that happened!

As for the "I don't believe that happened" --- it's about my blog.  Now that I'm a little more active lately, I was trying to get back to 5 -7 posts each week.  When I logged on to complete today's post, I realized that I'd gotten so busy yesterday that my third book box never was posted. 
In my head, it was all finished.  Oh well ... that's what happens when I'm still trying to catch up with updating my studio with our new AC.  What a job!  I'm almost finished with ribbons now and the punches are finished.  Each time my customers come here, you're going to find more goodies added to my sale. 
It's amazing what I have hung onto for so long!!!  I absolutely am not a hoarder though, because none of it is messy and there aren't any nasty things running around like on the TV show.  Yikes!  I don't want to see that show again!!!  So ... on to my third box.  I love it, too.
Love this text!
I'd be so sad that this gorgeous DSP has now retired, except for the fact that we have so many gorgeous new DSP additions that are really a joy to add to my projects.
The book base is Tranquil Tide.
I didn't take a photo of the inside of my box, but it is all lined with the same DSP.
- Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogging world.
- Come back often for more creative inspiration.
- Let's create something beautiful today.

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