Monday, January 20, 2014

Cash or Gift Card Holder, Part 1

Do you remember when you used to shop and, at the check-out, they'd ask you:  "Cash, check or charge?"  Oh no!  This probably dates me... a lot!  Today's project could be used to hold any of these items and it brought back this shopping memory.

So... how about a little series of posts on more ideas for cash/gift card holders.  Don't forget that these can be used to hold a check, too.  Yes, some people still write checks.
The 'belly band' slips off and the front flap opens up to reveal a pocket inside --- room for cash, check or gift card.

Click here to see another version of one I made for Christmas.

Before you go, I want to insert another gift idea that I may have forgotten to mention previously.  Remember this card?  The bow is attached to a card that slips down into the 'pocket' card.  A customer ordered a gift certificate for her daughter.  I made this style of card for her and slipped the gift certificate in behind the pull-out card.  ... just another idea for you.
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