Thursday, January 16, 2014

Silver Glimmer, Part 2 ... and Some Creating Tips

Put you sunglasses back on today for more silver glimmer trees.  These were also made with strips of our silver glimmer paper.  I started with 2 styrofoam cones that were about 12" tall.  To create them, I cut my silver glimmer strips (lots!!!) and then gave them a little curl, using my bone folder.  Each strip is 1" wide.
-Start at the base of the tree, having pre-cut a lot of strips.
-It takes about 7-10 strips for each row, tapering down to about 5-7 by the top row.
-Place hot glue just on the top edge of a strip.
-Attach it to the 'tree' with a slight overlapping of each strip.
-Stagger strips above previous row, for more interest and fullness.
-Add a little circle at the top of the cone to cover the top of the cone.
-Attach a beautiful bow with long, flowing sreamers.
-Curl the streamers a little, for a beautiful look.
I made some decorative gift boxes with our beautiful silver glimmer paper and red ribbons.  I just love some bling and sparkle for the holidays.
After seeing a lot of my projects from this year, here's how it all came together.  Sorry I had to get back so far to fit it all into the photo.  I think you get the idea.
In my next post, I'll share more of my decorating projects from this past Christmas and that should wrap up my Christmas projects for a while.  In keeping with my New Year's Resolution to make a little Christmas all year, I will continue to make Christmas projects throughout the year and I will share more as I have them.

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