Friday, April 28, 2017

Chick Talk and Stamp Organization

I'm going to take a couple of days to say goodbye to our SAB chicks.  I think they're sooooo cute!  They may have to move into my 'keep for a while longer' pile of stamps.  This was a super chaotic week in my studio.  I pulled out every single stamp and stacked them in piles on my studio table.  Then I pulled out all the retiring stamps and put them into banker boxes for future sales days.  Then, I referred to the new catalog online (on our Demonstrators' website) and reorganized the remaining stamps into the new catalog categories.

I organize my stamps according to the table of contents categories in the catalog.  Then I number the back of each set.  This is super important.  After a busy class, which involves having out many, many stamp sets, I stack them all behind the bar (where I store them) and put them away quickly, using the numbers I've written on the back of each.  I keep them in large baskets and boxes in pull-out drawers in the lower cabinets -- very handy.  When a new catalog comes out, I can change any numbers that need a new number to align with the latest catalog.  It use an alcohol wipe and then I dry it with a paper towel, so I can add the new number with a black Sharpie.

When my catalog preorder comes in this week, the first thing I'll do is to get the numbers onto the new stamp sets.  They won't be put away right then though, because I'll want to start working with them right away:)

Now, let's say goodbye to two of our cute little chicks.
Don't ask where I got the wonderful chicken wire background stamp because I can't find a label on it and I don't remember.  I bought it a long, long, long time ago (before I'd even heard of Stampin' Up!) and knew I should keep it for a future project.  It was perfect for this one.
I love the little egg, too!
I think these two chicks are in deep conversation.  I hope they're not going to gossip or plan an attempted escape!
Goodbye for now, cute little chicks.  We'll say goodbye to one more chick in my next post and then we'll move on.  The creative fun just never ends!
May Events:
May 8 / Scraps and Prayers / Plant Decor Project / 5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Prepare for some super fun!

May 20 / Saturday Stampers / Eastern Palace Suite Projects / 3 cards + a layout / 1:00-4:00 / $20.00 / THIS IS ALL NEW -- NEW PRODUCTS / NEW PROJECTS / SUPER FUN!!!

June Events:
June 12 / Scraps and Prayers / All Occasions Cards / 5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Make some beautiful cards to add to your stash to send to special friends and/or family.

June 17 / Saturday Stampers /  Mixed Media Patriotic Project / 1:00-4:00 / $20.00 / Make a project that you can use every year as a part of your decor.

June 22 / EARLY BIRD GARAGE SALE / 5:30-6:30
June 23 + 24 / GARAGE SALE / 8:00-5:00

June 25 / Open House New Catalog Party / 2:00-5:00

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