Thursday, April 13, 2017

What's inside?

We had a wonderful time at our Scraps and Prayers class Monday night.  I love this group!  You saw the outside of our cute little mini egg cartons.  Would you like to see what we put inside them?
These little chocolates fit perfectly.  Most all of the Mini Egg Cartons that I've seen did not spritz the inside of the box but left it plain white.  I thought it needed color:)
Here, again, is the front of my decorated mini egg carton.
I've made a bunch of these, in several colors, so I'll enjoy getting to share some fun treats with friends.
Here are some other ideas for what you could put inside:

decorative eggs - whatever you'd like to make
decorative robin's eggs and some nesting materials
plastic eggs with treats inside
jelly beans and Easter grass
wooden eggs, painted
paper mache eggs
tiny little succulents, in potting soil
little Easter chicks (decorative)

What else can you suggest to put inside?

April Events:
April 22 / Saturday Stampers / Birthday Bonanza / 1:00-4:00 / $20.00 / NOTE:  NEW DATE / Birthday treats, too!!!

May Events:
May 8 / Scraps and Prayers / Plant Decor Project / 5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Prepare for some super fun!

May 20 / Saturday Stampers / Eastern Palace Suite Projects / 3 cards + a layout / 1:00-4:00 / $20.00 / THIS IS ALL NEW -- NEW PRODUCTS / NEW PROJECTS / SUPER FUN!!!

June Events:
June 12 / Scraps and Prayers / All Occasions Cards / 5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Make some beautiful cards to add to your stash to send to special friends and/or family.

June 17 / Saturday Stampers /  Mixed Media Patriotic Project / 1:00-4:00 / $20.00 / Make a project that you can use every year as a part of your decor.

June 22 / EARLY BIRD GARAGE SALE / 5:30-6:30
June 23 + 24 / GARAGE SALE / 8:00-5:00

June 25 / Open House New Catalog Party / 2:00-5:00

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