Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Bouquet Kit and a Bit of a Storm

I decided to take my Bloomin' Bouquet Kit and make an arrangement in my favorite antique pitcher.  I love everything about this pitcher.  It has held all kinds of arrangements of live flowers.  This time, it is full of flowers that will last all summer.
Isn't this pretty?  I think the colors of the flowers go nicely with the color of the antique pitcher.
It comes with a clear button for the center of each flower, along with the floral stems.
Instead of putting the 'Create' on the side of the pitcher, I decided to actually put it into the pitcher with the flowers.  You get a choice of Create, Love, Spring or Thank You for your little banner, along with the 2 shapes to place behind it.
You also get an extra flower along with a  'You Matter'  flag to place around the stem.  The kit suggestion is to give this flower to someone special.  I got several kits, to make up later, so I pulled out all the extra Raspberry Ripple flowers and made one for each of my Hostess Scrapbook Club members.  It is fun to make something special for your home and even more fun to get to make an extra project to give to someone special.  These kits are available for a limited time, while supplies last, so let me know if you'd like to order one.  They would make a nice gift for someone --- as a kit or made up and placed into a pretty container.
When you have a smaller container, such as this cute little bottle, it looks really nice to place the label directly onto the side of the container. 

Before I go, I'll share some photos of our back yard and deck.  Evidently, a really bad storm whipped through Forsyth (all through Macon County, actually) just before we got back from a celebration with our family at my MIL's yesterday.
We lost a big part of our beautiful tulip tree.  There were trees down all around our area.  We lost power for several hours.
These were taken AFTER my son-in-law cleaned up a lot of it.  The larger branch was actually ON the deck when we first got home.  I am so thankful that it wasn't worse.  The only real victim in it all, at our house, was my sweet Toby Joe.  He was all alone and quite terrified during the storm.  He was in the laundry room with the gate closed - his safety spot when we're gone - and he pulled down most everything hanging on hooks beside the door and had his blankies in quite a mess.  He was VERY glad to have us home. 

By the way, if you wondered if it was worth the money to have a back-up for your sump pump that runs on water pressure when the power goes out --- it really is!!!

Have a great day.  I'm going to go put away all the candles and lanterns and try to get something done in my studio while being on Nanna duty with the boys at the same time.  It could be interesting:)

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