Friday, May 24, 2013

Truffula Trees

Being a Horton, I have to love Dr. Seuss.  Right?  I recently made a project that was entirely just for fun and my daughter said they reminded her of the truffula trees in The Lorax.  I used the Pop-Up Posies Kit to make them.  They have little tiny styrofoam balls inside each 'flower.'
So ... what do you think?  Do they remind you of truffula trees?  Sometimes, you just have to make a project just for fun.  These were fun.
Gotta love Dr. Seuss!

As a reminder, here's the Pop-Up Posies Designer Kit:
Have a great day and try making a project that is purely just for fun!


  1. Great idea using the Styrofoam ball and lots easier to put together. I used the technique mentioned on the SU site and it was okay. Results are cute.

  2. I started out without the Styrofoam balls and it was not going well. This was easier for me. Glad you liked them!


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