Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas With a Surprise

Look... it's an envelope... it's a card... it's both!  Today's card has a little surprise.  It's an envelope that, when you open it, reveals that it's an envelope and card all in one!  We'll be making this at my Friday Night Cards class.  I started with an 8 1/8" square and ended up with a 5 1/4" card (when closed).  Take a look:
Because you open it as a card, you do not seal any of the flaps on the card/envelope.  It is held together (when closed) with a belly band.    I love when you can use a product (such as our Envelope Punch Board) in a new and different way.

Additional ideas for my card/envelope idea:
  • You could place a gift card inside for an additional surprise.
  • Do you like to send a family newsletter at Christmas time?  It will easily fit inside my card/envelope --- just fold and tuck it inside.
  • Do you have kids who like to participate in Christmas activities?  Give them the square insert and have them make a picture.  You make the card/envelope and attach their complete picture inside it. 
  • Do you like to scrapbook?  Treat the square insert as a little scrapbook page and add a family photo.  Your recipients will LOVE it!!! 
  • Experiment with different sizes for your card/envelope and find stamps that would work with it.
  • Try using this card/envelope for a fancy invitation or birthday card.
Leave a comment if you can think of any other ideas to share with everyone for using my card/envelope.  I'd love to hear from you!
Here's the last card in the group:

Here again are all my cards for Friday night.  I think I came up with a nice variety.  Thanks for stopping by.
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