Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Project Life Album Project, Part 1

One of the greatest joys of being an artist and paper crafter is being able to share the joy of it all with others.  With my recent project, I was able to do that ... big time.  I completed an entire album, too!  Let's get started taking a look at the first few pages and then I'll explain the story behind the album.   
I chose to keep my album cover simple, with a nice ribbon around the cover.  Here's the cover page.  
I left the next page blank, so a personal note could be added for the recipient to read and enjoy.  This left the first actual album page being a single page.  
Now, we start with the full page spreads.  
Each page has a few, minimal embellishments and a Scripture selection.  
Now, I'll explain the purpose of this album.  It is one I made after signing up for a series of uplifting videos from Ronda Wade's series:  Creating for Christ.  I received 21 days of Scripture selections to study, along with a video talking about it.  The album goes along with the series.  When I shared with my daughter that I was doing this and really enjoying it all, she asked if I'd make a second album for a friend of hers who really needed some uplifting right now.  I immediately said that, when I was finished making it, she could have mine.  I got the joy of making it, while growing spiritually, and then the added joy of sharing it with another.  That's special to me.  I won't share her personal story, but I feel blessed that I can help someone who needs a little joy in her life right now.  Come back to see Part 2 with some more of my album pages. 

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