Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hey! Remember me?

Well, I hope you remember me.  I've been recovering from my recent surgery and then we went to the beach to relax for a week.  Want to know a sure-fire way to keep strengthening your hips and legs (and your entire body) following hip surgery ..... go to the beach and stay in a beach house right across the street from what is surely the tallest dune in the area!  How does this work?  You have to climb at least 36 steps to go up and over the dune!  Whew!!!  This was a workout and exhausted me.  I did it at least once each day that we were there.  A lot of times, I was too weak and tired to actually walk the beach, so I just sat on a top step and watched the beautiful waves.  Loved it!

Now that I'm back, I'm bursting to get back to work on Fall and Christmas projects.  At the same time, Stampin' Up! has a ton of new and exciting 'specials' going on right now.  I've provided links to click on to check it out --- on the left side of my blog.

Some photos from our vacation:
When the aftermath of 'Maria' hit, the waves were NOT this calm.  We did not have the terrifying winds shaking the house like we did last year, but the ocean was amazing --- huge, foamy waves - clear up to the dunes.
Poor Bill had to do all the carrying of our 'stuff' up and down the steps, as I am still on a cane when I leave the safety of home.
Here, you can see part of the dune.  Basically, it is nearly as tall as a house!  Compare it to the size of our neighbors' car.
We enjoyed seeing how they begin the build on a beach house.  This was the lot next to our house.  They didn't start until our last day there, so we didn't get to see any further progress.  We'll look for the new house if we go back next year.
I wish I'd thought to take this shot before garbage day:)  I was standing on our top deck.  You can see our driveway and the stairs going over the dune, just across the street.  This is about half the steps.

My news:
I will be holding my scheduled October classes and can't wait!

Remaining classes for 2017:
October Classes:
October 9 -- Scraps and Prayers
     5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Home Decor Project on Canvas
October 21 -- Saturday Stampers
     1:00-4:00 / $20.00 / 5-6 Cards -Fall AND Christmas

November Classes / Events:
November 5 -- Open House Christmas Party / 2:00-5:00
November 13 -- Scraps and Prayers
     5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Home Decor Project for Christmas
November 18 -- Christmas Retreat
     10:00-3:00 / $45.00 / 18 Cards: 6 Designs - 3 Cards Each
     Fee includes materials, light lunch, and a ton of fun. 

December 11 Scraps and Prayers Class:
     5:30-7:30 / $15.00 / Christmas Cards and Tags
This will be my only event for December.

- Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogging world.
- Come back often for more creative inspiration.
- Let's create something beautiful today.

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