Friday, November 4, 2011



These are some outrageous breakfast foods we had on vacation LAST year.  This year, we were on our diets and actually lost weight on vacation.  Anyway, I needed a food picture to make you a little hungry.

You've heard of the movie The Breakfast Club.  (It's one of those movies I've seen parts of a thousand times but have never actually seen it all the way from start to finish.  It's on my Netflix list.)

Well... I've come up with something a whole lot more fun --- the Brunch Bunch.  Even though I'm working on Fall and Christmas projects, I'm always thinking ahead to fun classes for the next year.  I really wanted something brand new --- totally different --- and lots of fun.  I've come up with one that I think will be a winner.  I'm calling it the Brunch Bunch.

Here's how it works:
It's a class... a NEW class!!!  You sign up for it just as you would any of my classes.  The class will meet once a month and you sign up for as many as you'd like to attend.  At each class, we'll do something totally different, so the theme will vary each month.  We'll do projects, cards, seasonal activities, scrapbooking --- something new, different and special each time.  I'll announce ahead of time just what the theme will be for each month.  And, of course, there will be a little brunch because it's the Brunch Bunch!  I'm thinking... coffee, juice, donuts or pastries or coffee cake.  Stop!  I'm getting hungry!  Sound like fun?  Check back soon for more details!!!  Brunch, anyone?  I can't wait!!!

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