Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's Talk Giving...Gift Card Holders

Let's face it.  There are many times when giving a gift card works out better than a larger package.  Also, there are some people in your life for whom you never know what to give them - so a gift card works great.  You KNOW they'll choose something they like.  The problem with a gift card is that it seems so tiny under the Christmas tree compared to all those beautifully wrapped packages.  OR... sometimes you do actually need to mail a gift card, but you still want it to look nice.

So today, and over the next several posts, let's talk giving -- gift cards, that is -- and doing it up right!  It's all in the packaging.
This cute little gift card holder --- yes, it holds a gift card --- is made with the Top Note die.'s the inside with a 'faux gift card.'

Here's how you do it.
Take an 8 1/2 X 11" piece of CS.  Cut it to 5 1/2 X 11" and save the 3 X 11" piece that you remove.  We'll use it for another gift card holder in my next post.
Take your 5 1/2 X 11" piece and score it at 3 3/4", 5 1/2", and 7 1/4" using the Simply Scored tool.  If you plan on making several of these gift card holders, use your place markers on the Simply Scored tool and you will be able to score several gift card holders in record time.
Fold on the center fold, to fold it in half.  Fold the outer two score lines in the opposite direction.  You get a 'valley' - 'mountain' - 'valley' fold going on here, so it creates a sort of 'w' shape.
Close your CS, folded.  (You'll have the 2 outer folds -- left, in above photo -- on the edge and the middle fold encased inside.)

Place the outer folds onto the Top Note die, as shown below.   
The folds will be just below the lower curves in the die.  I've placed a vanilla Top Note shape under our project, so you can see where the lines on the die would be.  Run this through the Big Shot.  It will be bulky, but it will go.  One side may get stuck a bit down in the die, so just carefully pull it out.

Here's the shape you will have made once you run it through the Big Shot.

Turn your piece over.  Now, you need adhesive.  You can use our Sticky Strip or Liquid Tombow for a strong hold.  (I used the Liquid Tombow.)  Place the adhesive ONLY where I have shown with the squiggly lines.   

Once you've secured the middle section with your adhesive, you need to create an opening to slip in your gift card.  I drew around a gift card to use as a template.  I cut my opening with the word window punch, starting in the center and then punching a tiny bit more on each side.  Keep stopping to 'fit' your gift card template into the opening so you'll know when it's the right size.
Tip:  You only punch a tiny bit off the fold.  It does NOT need to go very far down into the center.

Now you're ready to decorate, as desired.  I cut a piece of Frostwood Lodge DSP with the Top Note die, cut along the dotted lines and attached it to the front of my gift card holder.  Then I trimmed off the straight side.  I stamped and embossed the greeting with the Word Play stamp set and punched it out with our ornament punch.  I attached it with dimensionals and added a knotted bow of cherry cobbler ribbon.
Be sure to remove your gift card template and add a real gift card before giving:)

Trust me, this tutorial was much more complicated to write than it was to actually make this cute little holder.  Give it a try.
By the way, my tutorials are intended to give you ideas as well as a reference to details for a project.  For more guidance and information, please sign up for a class or book a workshop.  When you come to a class or workshop, you get all the help you need + everything is already prepared for your projects.  I figure out how much to order, what sizes to make, what designs to use, what projects to do, etc., etc.....  You just sit down, create and enjoy!

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