Monday, March 12, 2012

Time with my sweet Olive Jane

I took the weekend off from scrapping and stamping to enjoy time with my sweet Olive Jane.  I got to have her the entire weekend!  I must say, she is the best baby I've ever known.  I thought my kids were good, but she is just perfect.  She got a new hairdo from her sitter, but Nanna did not try to recreate it.  She sat through the entire church service like a perfect angel.  She loved the music! We had so much fun!  Papa made her scrambled eggs and she loved them!  She's such a happy girl.  Her mama and I are busy planning the invitations and decorations for her first birthday -- in April.  I'll be sharing more about that soon!

Her new hairdo:

Home from church:

Enjoying Papa's scrambled eggs:

Now, I'm off to put the finishing touches on the layout for my Scraps and Prayers class.  I'll be sharing that in one of my next posts.

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