Friday, September 13, 2013

Dog Days of Summer, Part 4 - Final Part...

Today's post is the last in my little mini series of Dog Days of Summer.  Today, I want to share with you some of the gorgeous flowers from my container garden on our deck.  They are going fast now, so I'm glad I have these photos to remember how beautiful they were this summer.

We had lots of old favorites - pansies, marigolds, petunias, zinnias...
Our all-time favorites were the pots of yellow hibiscus.  When they were blooming several at a time, it was a gorgeous sight.  Somehow I didn't get a shot of them at their finest.
The bamboo stakes were a part of our plan to fight off the bunnies.  It really helped.  They were coming right up on the deck and eating entire pots of plants!  Ben maybe got a little carried away with 'helping' me add the stakes, but he had fun and it did help.  The bunnies probably wondered what on earth happened!
This beat up pot contains something new I tried.  It's called candy corn.  It's a vine and has very tiny little blooms that look like candy corn.  Of course, when I showed it to the boys, their response was:  "Can we eat them?"

Look how the planter arrangement with the frog grew over the summer!  The poor little guy can barely see out.  I love the vivid colors together.
Now, speaking of vivid colors, come back soon to see how I used my summer photos to give me color inspiration for my projects.  This is going to be fun!!!  Thanks for stopping by and continue to enjoy your Dog Days of Summer.

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- Come back soon and come back often for more creative inspiration.

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