Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Four Gifts Each... Want... Need... Wear... Read...

In an effort to make Christmas preparations a little more sane, I decided right after Christmas 2014 to go with an idea that many others have been using and it's working great.  The idea is that each grandchild gets 4 gifts ... Something you want... Something you need... Something to wear... Something to read.  
I decided to make giant tags for each category for each of our 3 oldest grandchildren.  Joey is a bit too young to start this.
See what I mean?  Big tags!!!  Joey, Papa and my son had some separate gifts in bigger boxes, so I just made them a name tag, using our foil and alphabet dies.  On the tags for each category, I used their first initial. 

Here's what I like about using this system.  By telling the 2 oldest boys how this was going to work, it kept them in focus on choosing the very highest priority on their wish list.  For me, it helped me focus on 'keeping with the system' and making the very best choices for each child.  It really simplifies shopping and I'm incredibly excited to see the kids open their gifts.  I think I did pretty well with it all.  Maybe I'll share what's inside in another post... after Christmas.
Let me know if you've used this system already or if you plan to try it... maybe next year.  It is actually quite fun. 

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