Friday, December 21, 2012

Season of Sweets, Part 1

I've had some real fun thinking of up ways to use our Season of Sweets Designer Kit.  The kit comes with 12 envelopes, so there is a potential for a lot of projects.

These are made with cards inside, with an image and DSP to show through the cute little window.  I had 3 felt wreaths left from last year's stash, so I added them to the window.

There is actually a second card inside, to hold a gift card.  I put a little magnet on each flap, to hold the envelope shut.  That way, it can be reopened many times and not get torn up.

I did not use any of the self-adhesive pieces for these 3 cards, so I'll save them for another project.

In one of my next posts I'll show you some more ideas for using the Season of Sweets Designer Kits.  If you like these ideas, be sure to stock up before January 2, when the Holiday Catalog retires.  I've stocked up on some extra kits, so I can use them for some Valentine's Day projects.

If you are not familiar with these kits, here's all you get with them:

There are cello bags, in case you want to put cookies in the gusseted envelopes and there are little clear stickers to seal the envelopes.  There are also 2 sheets of the self-adhesive pieces, for embellishments.

I hope this gets you inspired for some ideas for using these kits.  I love when you can start with a kit --- to same time and effort --- but then transform it into something special.

Have a great day.

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