Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Star Ornament Tutorial

Happy Boxing Day!  This is a day to give gifts, also, so I have a gift for you... a tutorial for a star ornament.  You can try making this when you need a break from your Christmas celebrations and want to putter around a bit, then save it for next Christmas.  This ornament was inspired by Dawn Olchefsky.  I had the pleasure of meeting her last summer at Convention.  She is a super nice and super talented lady.    

Here it is opened up:
Here is a side view:
Slide the button toward the top of the ribbon and close the star ornament, then slide the button back down toward the closed ornament, to hold it closed.  I added 2 layers of CS + a stamped image to the outside of each of the 2 squares that will show when it is hanging closed.
The stamped image is from Tags til Christmas.
Here's how you do it:

Start with 5 squares, coordinating patterns or all the same pattern.  I used 3" squares for mine and really like this size.  The photos above show the ornament with coordinating squares.  To show you how to fold it, I've used all the same patterns.

First, fold each square in half, both ways, as shown below.
Now fold each square diagonally, both ways, as shown below.
I've drawn black dotted lines on the red square below to show you all the fold lines you'll end up having on each square.
Now, decide which side you want for the outside (Experiment, to see which you like the best.) and do a squash fold for each square.  Here, you see it with the red side.
...or you could fold it to show the green side.  Whichever side you see like my squash folds, that will be your inside.
You'll still see both sides.  One pattern will be the 'star' shape showing when it's open and the other pattern will be the inside between the two 3-D star shapes.   Just try it and you'll see what I mean. 
Attach all your squares together, using Liquid Tombow Adhesive, until you can fold it open into your star shape.  Be sure you have the open points going up and the folded sides down before you attach.  Mine looks weird here because I got hold of too many squares when I was trying to take a 1-handed photo:)  I think you can still get the idea.  One-handed photography is not so much fun:)  I'm actually holding it upside down for the way I want you to hold it to glue the squares together.  It was easier to hold it this way for a 1-handed photo.

Now add the CS layers and stamped image to each of the remaining squares, being sure to attach your ribbon BEFORE you glue on the CS squares.  Slip the ribbon ends through your button.  Make an overhand knot on the end of the ribbon to hold the button in place.   Note:  If you trim your ribbon ends to a very pointy cut, it will be easier to get them through the button holes.  Also note:  I think the skinny ribbon is the easiest to use for this project and looks the best.
Now, enjoy opening and closing your ornament.  Trust me, this is much easier to make than it is to write out the instructions.  Dawn Olchefsky has a video on her blog if you'd like to see her making the ornament.  Enjoy and be sure to let me know if you try making one of these.  They're really fun!

Now, I'm going to clean up some after-Christmas clutter and get busy in my studio.  I just can't stay away from my 'toys' for too long a time:)  Have a great day!

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