Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toby Joe at the Vet

We have the most wonderful vet clinic ever here and have been clients there for over 25 years, at least.  They helped us say goodbye to 3 beloved Cocker Spaniels after giving them excellent care for all their lives.  Dr. Rojas is the one in charge of Toby Joe's care now and she is wonderful with him.  She has never lifted a finger to hurt him in any way.  I mention this because we just returned from his yearly check-up.  He was absolutely pathetic!  Each visit, he becomes more and more of a basket case.
Just waiting in the outer room had him quivering and trembling, like a little bitty puppy.
Can we go yet... please!!!
In the exam room... Are you sure we have to stay?
This looks like a good hiding place.
She will never find me back here.
I hear something... I'm scared.
I'll just lay low back here and maybe she'll forget about me.
Oh... I really think she's coming.  I need a bigger bench to hide under!
Yup, Dr. Rojas is coming.  She's here now, isn't she?
I AM being as brave as I can be.  Could someone get a mop?  I drool when I'm nervous.  

He had a perfect check-up and is in perfect health.  We celebrated by going over to the Barkery and getting a new collar, leash, toys and treats.  So... going to the vet shouldn't be such a trauma... until next time, anyway.

These will make a cute scrapbook layout.

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