Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas Past

It's nice sometimes to take a moment to reflect on past Christmas memories.  That goes for Christmas projects, too.  One of my favorite Christmas projects ever was making my gingerbread house.  These houses are still available, on our clearance rack, so you can order one if this post inspires you to try it.

This project was a labor of love --- very time consuming and very labor intensive.  All the pieces are hand cut.  I wouldn't want to make a bunch of them, but I did love, love, love making this one.

Your last step would be to get a couple of tea lights to place inside.  It looks fabulous when the lights are on and I love that it's safe because they're using batteries and not actual flame.

Here's what the kits look like before decorating:


  1. I Loved these, Lana! So many details...

  2. I loved making them, too! Maybe someday I'll try a new one:) So many little time:)


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