Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 Layouts / 1 Template

For my Scraps and Prayers group, I came up with 2 layouts you can make using the same template.  We made a winter layout and a Valentine's Day layout.  Here's a little 'mini tutorial' on how I did it.
This is the winter layout, in Marina Mist and Whisper White.  I used the Snowflake Soiree stamp set for stamping the Night of Navy snowflakes.  For a final touch of elegance, I embossed (with the new Borders Scoring Plate) across the lower edge of the white strips.  (See close-up later in this post.)  Then I spritzed the entire page (each page) with a shimmer mist.  It's gorgeous in real life.

Close-up of the silver glimmer paper snowflakes for accents.
Here's the Valentine's Day layout.  I used 2 punches for all the little hearts and added our new little paper doilies behind the strips.
I stamped across the borders (under the pink strips) with the Delicate Doilies stamp set (same process as with the snowflakes in the winter layout) and added a few accents with a floral stamp from the You are Loved stamp set.
I wanted a little glimmer on this layout, too, so I spritzed just the area with the hearts and doilies with a shimmer mist.

Here's a close-up:
The shimmer mist just doesn't not show up well in a photo, but it is very pretty.  The colors I used were Rose Red, Pink Pirouette, and Regal Rose.

Here's a little 'mini tutorial' on how I did the strips and the stamping.  Enjoy!
I made 2 pencil lines straight across each piece of CS.  The lines are light, so I added arrows to point them out.  Line your CS up with your grid paper and let it be your guide for making your lines.  If your CS is at the top, left corner of your grid paper, you will start your pencil line at the 7" mark on the left, top side of the grid paper.  The lower pencil guideline is 2" below the top one.  If you can find a large, clear ruler that is 2" wide, like mine, it will make your job super simple.  Mine is one that was handed down from my mother with her sewing things.  I've used it a lot.  Look in the quilting section of a fabric store and you can probably find one.  They are longer than the 12" CS, so you can easily align both sides of your CS with your grid paper and have your lines perfectly straight every time.  I highly recommend it!
After drawing the guidelines, I stamped randomly across them in a kind of wavy motion (rather than in a straight line.)   I cut my white CS strips at 21/2" wide and then lined them up with the grid paper, starting 1/4" above the 7" line where I drew the first pencil guidelines.  This will make sure that your pencil lines are entirely covered.

Here's the close-up of the embossing --- difficult to photograph!!!
Here's a tip for using the new scoring plate:  
When you get your CS positioned where you want it, (See my marker at 4" mark.) place sticky notes over the edges to help hold it in place.  Now, lay your template overlay on top and you're ready to emboss!
I hope you enjoyed my little 'mini tutorial' and will try making some templates of your own.  Tell me what you think of this idea and share your comments.  I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I love these layouts. I hope you don't mind if I case them for my Scrapbook Your Life class. Great idea.

  2. Please do copy and share. I'd be honored. Give me credit --- word of mouth or cash:) Seriously, I'm so glad you like them. The class loved that they were able to go ahead at their own pace on the second layout, once they learned how to do the first one. It was a really fun class!


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