Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun on A Roll ... Washi Tape, Part 1

Our new Washi Tape is just plain fun.  I decided that I needed to make a 'holder' for mine.  Here's what I designed.
I took an old wooden spool I had in my 'stash' of vintage goodies, added a decorative base (2 pieces, stained and glued together) and attached it all together.  Now, my Washi Tape is always on hand and ready to go for the next project inspiration.
So, what are some things you can do with Washi Tape?  
You can use it on a card!
This is one of the Make and Take projects we'll be doing at my Open House / New Catalog Party.
What else?  You can stack them up and collect a stash of pretty tapes.  Here, I have Gingham Garden and This and That (Epic Day) Washi Tapes.
What else?  You can use Washi Tape to decorate clothespins!  You could even put a magnet on the back and use them on your fridge.
I use these clothespins as paper clips.  Fridge magnets would be great, too, though.
Come back for my next post and I'll have some more Washi Tape ideas for you.

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