Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello There Card

Hello there!  That's today's card.  I am loving our new Timeless Talk stamp set!  It's just fun!

My card has a torn layer of vellum under the black strip.  Look closely and you can see that I added bling all over the telephone dial.  I added 2 little clips, also, for accents.

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  My son and family came over and made a surprise dinner for me (and all of us) --- grilled salmon with a lemon and capers sauce, oven grilled potatoes (with the most perfect seasoning ever), a fabulous salad with candied almonds and mandarin oranges, and --- for dessert --- my daughter-in-law made me chocolate turtle cheesecake.  Now you know I have always said that I have the most wonderful DIL in the entire world.  After all this, I have no words.  I didn't get any photos of my sweet Olive Jane because she never slowed down enough.  She was on the move!!!

So, here's my chocolate turtle cheesecake.  Isn't it grand?

Have a super day and a super weekend.  I'll be back soon with some sneak peeks at what we'll be making at this week's Friday Night Cards class.

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