Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ribbon Techniques, Part 2

At the end of today's post, I have lots of exciting news about upcoming events to share with you.  Be sure to read everything today.  Now, let's look at the next 4 pages of my Ribbon Techniques Album.

Page 4 ---
Tuck 2 short pieces of ribbon (angle cut ends) together under the edge of a button or stamped piece, for an embellishment.
Wrap a piece of ribbon completely around the top layer of your project, letting the ends extend together on one side.  Tie the ribbon pieces together, close to the project, with Baker's Twine and v-cut the ends of the ribbon.
Page 5 ---
Use a piece of ribbon to hold closed a card or folded element of a card or project.  Just wrap it around the 2 layers you wish to hold together and tie it off.
Loop a piece of ribbon and then push one side up into a second loop/pleat.  Hold together by wrapping the prongs of a brad around the ribbon.   (Pinch the ribbon in where you're going to attach the brad.)  Place Liquid Tombow on the ribbon around the brad area on the back to attach the piece to your project.
Page 6 ---
Tie a knot into the middle of a sprig of ribbon.  Angle cut or v-cut the ends.  Attach to your project with Liquid Tombow.
Stack 2 pieces of ribbon and tie them together using a 3rd piece of ribbon.  Attach to your project with Liquid Tombow.  Notice that I've used 3 different sizes of ribbon for mine.  It makes a nice look.
Page 7 ---
Lay 2 different pieces of ribbon together.  Loop them and tie into a knot.  Attach to your project by applying Liquid Tombow to the knot.
Punch a small hole in the top, left corner of your project.  Thread a ribbon through the hole and tie it over the hole.  This is a fun and easy way to add a ribbon accent.
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