Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ribbon Techniques, Part 6

We have another chilly day here.  I've been holed up in my studio working on new projects using brand new products and having a ball.  I've also enjoyed some time to curl up with some good books this week.  I've knocked out 3 huge books and am well into another good one.  My husband, on the other hand, is going fishing today.  Yikes!  I'll stay here and stamp.  I can't believe that we're now at the end of my Ribbon Techniques Album already.  Are you ready for the last 4 pages?  Let's get right to it!

Page 20 ---
This is one of my most favorite ribbon techniques ever!  It's called a Levi tag... like the Levi tag on a jeans pocket.  You can attach it to the back or get sassy with a staple.  It's a great way to use up little scraps of ribbon.
This project features a way to attach vellum and use ribbon as an accent for it.  Remember, you don't want adhesive to show through when using vellum.  Cut your vellum piece at least 1/4" wider on each side, score it and fold it around to the back of your project.  Attach it to the back.  The ribbon also wraps around the project and is attached in the back.
You can always add a layer of adhesive to attach vellum and then hide the adhesive by adding ribbon over it.
Page 21 ---
This technique uses a tiny scrap of ribbon as an additional accent on your project.  V-cut both ends.  Lay down a line of adhesive and then press the ribbon into it to secure it.
Another way to use a small ribbon as an accent is to make it into a 'flag' piece on your project.  Wrap it up and over the edge of your project and attach it in the back.
Page 22 ---
This technique shows how you can stamp on ribbon.  I've simply wrapped the ribbon around the project and attached it to the back, after stamping my design.  You can experiment with different colors of ink to see which ones you like the best for the look of your project.
This is similar to the pleated technique on page 12 (left side), but perhaps even easier.  It's a zig-zag.  Lay down a line of Sticky Strip on your project.  Take your ribbon and attach it in a zig-zag pattern across the Sticky Strip, leaving both ends longer.  Wrap the ends around to the back and attach onto the back.  Add glue dots under the 'folded' parts of the ribbon to help secure it.
Page 23 ---
This is a clever little technique to do with a ribbon.  Loop a longer piece of ribbon and tie a knot fairly close to the looped end.  Feed the knot up through a small hole in the flower.  Attach the ends to the back of the flower and then angle cut them to come out from the flower.
I've ended my album by simply showing how you can tie a ribbon around just part of the layers of your project.  It's a nice look and, of course, super simple.
In my class, we also learned how to make a 'pants bow,' so I added a pocket page for keeping our pants bow maker.
I truly hope you've enjoyed seeing all my ribbon techniques.  Please do me the honor of leaving a comment about them ... question, suggestion... whatever.  I value your feedback.  Remember, I've used different styles, sizes, textures and colors of ribbons for each of the techniques.  Some of them you can vary and some of them... not so much.  Experiment and see what works best for you.

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