Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ribbon Techniques, Part 3

It's a rather dreary day here today, a good day to hole up in my studio and work on some new projects and techniques, not to mention my upcoming Preview Party on May 31.  Before I get to work, I want to share 4 more pages of my Ribbon Techniques Album with you.   Here we go. 

Page 8 ---
This is a good technique for using up tiny ribbon scraps.  Just v-cut the ends of a little piece of ribbon and slip it under one of your project layers.
Wrap ribbon around your project, attaching additional layers over the ribbon.
Page 9 ---
Wrap a ribbon entirely around your project, bringing a longer end up and over the top.  V-cut this end.
Attach a v-cut piece of ribbon, like a 'flag' piece to your project.  Wrap the top end over the edge and attach on the back of your project.
Page 10 ---
Simply tie the ribbon around your project and showcase the beautiful ribbon.  Angle cut the ends.
Wrap the left-hand side of the ribbon piece around your project and attach to the back.  Pinch in a part of the ribbon, with Baker's Twine, as you attach a button to the ribbon.  Leave the v-cut end loose.
Page 11 ---
Fold over a piece of ribbon, in a loop.  Tie, as shown, using Baker's Twine, and attach to your project.
This is a good technique for using 1, 2, or 3 pieces or ribbons.  Tie several knots into the ribbon and then simply attach the ribbon around your project.
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