Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ribbon Techniques, Part 4

It's downright chilly here today... definitely a great day to hole up in my studio and create away.  I'm going to play with watercolor techniques today, work with our new In Colors, and play around with some more ribbon techniques.  Before I go, let's look at 4 more pages of my Ribbon Techniques Album ...

Page 12 ---
Lay a line of Sticky Strip across the entire width of your project.  Gently push ribbon into soft pleats along the Sticky Strip, wrapping the end of the ribbon around to the back of your project.  Add glue dots under each pleat to help keep the pleats in place.  Optional:  Add a little flag piece or other embellishment over part of the ribbon, as shown in my sample.
Loop 2 pieces of ribbon together (different colors and/or textures) and hold together with the prongs of a brad.  Gently pull the looped part of the ribbons apart so you can see both.  The ends are all angle cut in the same direction.
Page 13 ---
Baker's Twine makes an easy accent on any project.  Wrap around your project and tie (at center or slightly off-center)  Pull the sides apart, so you can see all the layers.  This look works well with Linen Thread, also.
This technique works well with skinny ribbon, linen thread and/or Baker's Twine.  Before wrapping the ribbon around your project, punch 2 small 1/2 circles - one on each side.  Wrap the ribbon or twine around the project, letting the indentations help hold it in place.
Page 14 ---
Cut 2 short pieces of ribbons, contrasting colors, and tie them together.  Attach the knot with Liquid Tombow.  This is like the knotted 'sprig' on my album cover and on page 6 (left side) but with double ribbons.  Angle cut the ends of the ribbons, keeping the ribbon ends in the back slightly longer.
Show off an embellishment, such as a cute clip, by tying a short piece of ribbon around it.  Angle cut the ends of the ribbons.
Page 15 ---
This technique is a variation of 2 previous techniques - combined.  Tie a ribbon around your project.  Before making the final tie, add in 2 looped pieces of ribbon and secure them in with the first tied ribbon.  This makes a beautiful, soft look for your project.
This is a fun and easy technique.  Punch 2 holes, fairly close together, at the center of your project.  Take a length of ribbon and thread each end straight down through the holes, from the front of the project.  In the back, cross the ribbon ends over to the opposite hole and come up through it to the front.  This makes a bow look to your project.  V-cut the ribbon ends.
Since this technique actually will hold the layers of your project together, it is a good technique for adding vellum to a project (no adhesive to show).
To get ribbon ends to go through tiny holes, cut the ends at a very sharp angle.  Leave enough extra ribbon that you can cut again if it starts to fray too much before you're finished.
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