Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dip, Dye, Emboss, Spritz and Glitz, Part 4

Today, let's look at 3 more techniques from my album, including ribbons and watercolor paper.

Page 8:
Fraying ribbon:
Cut ribbon in half and pull threads to fray the loose edges on the cut side into a fringe.

Trim off edges on both sides of ribbon and pull threads to fray into a fringe on both sides of the ribbon.

Pull threads to fray just the bottom edges of ribbon into a fringe.  Vary the length of the fringe by how many threads you pull.
Page 9:
This page is one of my absolute favorites and it's so simple to do it --- creating a beautiful background using watercolor paper.
Spritz the entire page first with water, then spritz small sections at a time with various colors of reinker/alcohol mixture.  Spritz with more water, as needed (for desired amount of blending).  For added shimmer, spritz again with shimmer mixture.  I've used reinker/alcohol mixture from all 5 of our new In Colors.  For this technique, use at least 3 colors.
Page 10:
Ribbon flower using a Sticky Round and ribbon.  Tie a knot in one end of the ribbon.  Press it down onto the center of the Sticky Round.  Leaving the ribbon on the ribbon spool, keep twisting and pressing the ribbon down as you go around the circle.  When you reach the edge of the Sticky Round, cut the end of the ribbon and tuck it under the back of the circle.  Use to decorate 3-D projects, scrapbooking projects and/or card making projects.
Come back soon for part 5, as our series continues.  

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