Wednesday, July 16, 2014

'How To' Tips for Snip and Spritz Flowers

Today, I have some tips for you for making the Snip and Spritz Flowers.  If you're like me, you enjoy watching a video tutorial but also find it helpful to see photos of the process... step by step.  That's just what I have for you today.  Let's jump right in.  First of all, here are my 3 flowers again:
You can experiment with other colors for spritzing your flowers.  Let me know if you come up with one you really like.  I love when you share!  To review, mine are Tangelo Twist, Blackberry Bliss, and Hello Honey.

Here's how I made them:
- Open your package of filter paper.  You'll have 4 long pieces and 8 circle pieces.
- Cut all 8 circles at once with the largest or next to the largest Floral Frames Framelits and set aside.
- You can make a paper flower with it at another time (See my next post!)
To get a perfect center for your brad, fold your scrap piece in half both ways (I marked mine so you can see it better.) and lay your flower back into the negative part of your scrap.  You can easily see where your center is going to be now.  I've used the next to the largest framelit.  I think it makes a great size for a flower.
- Attach Sticky Strip along one side of one of the long pieces of filter paper.
- Remove backing from Sticky Strip and fold paper over in half.
- Attach another piece of Sticky Strip to the edge. 
- Remove backing and fold over again.
- Attach 1 more piece of Sticky Strip but leave the back on this one for now.
- Using our wonderful Fringe Scissors, start cutting this last piece into fringe.  The tape actually stops you from cutting too far.
- When you've fringed the entire piece, remove the backing from the last piece of Sticky Strip and start rolling the piece of filter paper up into a flower.  Roll as tightly as you can.
For a small flower, just roll up the 1 piece of filter paper.  For a larger flower, roll a second piece (prepared using the steps above) of filter paper around your first rolled piece.
You'll have 4 long pieces of filter paper in your package, so you can make 4 smaller flowers or 2 fluffier flowers.  This is how I made my flowers, because I wanted them fluffy.

-Spritz with a color of your choice or leave it white.

Click here for a video on making the snip and spritz flower:

I hope you found the pictured tutorial helpful and, if you haven't made these flowers yet, get going on it because they're beautiful and soooooooo much fun!!!  I'll have more about filter paper flowers in my next post and we'll use that floral piece I had you set aside in my tutorial today.  Then, in the following post, I'll share how I used all my flowers in a beautiful bouquet.  Have a great day!

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