Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Aaron!

Oh my, how the time flies!  How can my sweet little Aaron possibly be 7 years old today?  I must say I've enjoyed seeing him get to this place in his life.  He is an amazing little guy!  He is creative, sweet, funny, uses language way beyond his years (and does so correctly) and just makes me smile.  He is a joy, a delight and you never know what he's going to say or do next.  Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!
 One of the most memorable things about his last year is that he's lost his front teeth and recently another one next to the front.  The new ones are already busy starting to grow into place.
Above, first front tooth out.
Below, second front tooth out. 
He lost the third tooth after these photos were taken.

Ben and I went shopping for presents for Aaron.  We ended up with everything having a Ninja Turtle theme, so I helped him make a card to go with it all.  We used some of the wrapping paper for the front of the card.
I used an old stamp for the inside, as Ben wanted a turtle that he could adapt to be a Ninja.  I love his art work on it and his adorable note to Aaron.

The boys had a wonderful time at the library this morning.  They made Stomp Rockets.  Our library has the best program of activities for the kids in the summer, along with our park.  It keeps the kids busy and gives them an opportunity to see their friends a bit, too.
We're going to a movie this afternoon, as a part of his birthday surprise and then he gets to take home his brand new bike and have his dad put it together for him:)

I think we came up with a great birthday plan for a day of fun for Aaron.

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