Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tiny Filter Paper Flowers in A Shaker

I've had so many wonderful comments on my filter paper flowers from various posts that I think you'll like what I have for you today.  I have some tiny paper flowers to share with you!
On one of my antiquing trips, I found this cute little vintage shaker.  The holes were a little larger on this one, so it was super simple to put the floral wires through them.  I added a Mossy Meadow CS backing (from smallest framelit) instead of using filter paper, like I'd done with my larger flowers.  This was easier and I recommend it over the filter paper for the backing.  It's stronger and you won't have to spritz it to dye it.  My flowers, as when I made the larger ones, are spritzed with reinker/alcohol mixture.  These are in all our new In Colors.
I used the next to the smallest framelit for the flowers --- cutting all 8 layers at one time.

You can get 4 flowers from the circle piece in your package of filter paper.  Fold over all the long pieces and you can get 5 flowers from it all.  Remember to cut all 8 layers at one time.  This means you can make 9 flowers from 1 package of filter paper.
Wouldn't these make wonderful centerpieces at a party ... or you could just make one bouquet and tuck it into a decor arrangement in your home.  This would also make a wonderful little gift for someone!
For more info on filter paper flowers, do a search on my blog, as I have several posts on it all.

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