Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick And Easy Mustache Cards

Sometimes you need a card fast.  That does not mean it cannot still be cute and fun... and easy to make it.  Today's spotlight falls on my mustache cards.
These were made with note cards.  The mustaches were gently curled on the ends.
What makes them elegant...
Clean layers of black and white.
Multiple layers.
Minimalist design.
The layers and design let the mustache be the star and bump it up to an elegant level.
It hints of tuxedos and elegant occasions.
What makes them quick and easy...
I keep pre-cut layers of white on hand at all times (so I only had to quickly cut some black).
The note cards come pre-cut and pre-scored.
The design is about as simple as it can get.
What makes them fun...
... all of the above:) 
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