Sunday, August 24, 2014

Coloring Techniques, Part 15

Today is the last entry in my technique journal... at least for now.  The nice thing about a journal like this one is that I made it so that it would be easy peasy to add more pages as I learned more techniques that I wanted to save and use for future projects.
Today's technique is one of my favorites... simply adding color by sponging.  When sponging over a heat embossed image, the embossed area resists the color, thus getting its name emboss resist
Here's the card I made using this technique.
Once again, I've made my card pretty inside and out... with a stamped, coordinating envelope.
I've used several complimentary colors of ink, sponging them on in a circular motion, and then burnishing with a tissue when finished, to remove excess ink.
Please do me the honor of leaving me a comment about how you've liked all the techniques, which is your favorite, which ones you've tried out yourself, and/or any questions you may have.  I hope you've enjoyed all the techniques as much as I have enjoyed creating and sharing them.

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