Sunday, October 19, 2014

Festival of Trees and Some Puppy Love

Here are the 4 cards we'll be making at my October 25 Christmas Retreat.  I'll be sharing more details about them during this week.
Now, how about some puppy love?
Here's Buster at 10 weeks.  He weighs in now at 5.5 pounds.
Buster with toys, in his pen.
They go for rides a lot and seem to enjoy it.  I have a kennel in the car and one in my bedroom.  They fit in the same one, with room to spare.  I don't think they'd like to be separated at this point.
They love playing in the leaves!  As you can see, we've had a LOT of them fall this week.  It's been too wet to do much with them.
 Lilly in her pen.  She weighs in at 4.4 pounds.  As you can see they are tiny!
They sleep a lot and usually in a pile.  Here they are with Buster on the right, on top of a toy and Lilly using him for a nice pillow.
To get a better idea of how tiny they are, here they are with Toby Joe.  Each one is smaller than his head!  He weighs 62 pounds.  I hope they don't mind if I tell their weights.
They are interacting a lot more with Toby Joe now.  He was actually a little afraid of them at first.  They have no fear of this big boy at all.  They really want to play with him.  I keep a close watch... because of the size difference.
They've both learned to go up and down the 4 steps off the deck.  It took Lilly longer to get the hang of the going down, without turning it into a controlled fall.  It was really a challenge when we had a series of wet days, making the steps a little slippery.
I think they're plotting something.  This is Toby Joe's 'ready to spring up and play' position.
Come on back to get the details on each of the Festival of Trees cards.  Have a beautiful day!

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