Saturday, October 25, 2014

Table Decor for Every Month of the Year, Part 1

Today, I'm starting a new series to share some ideas with you for table centerpieces... for the entire year!  I volunteered to make centerpieces for our church's Birthday Bash dinner last September, so this is what I designed.  I wanted them to have some uniformity, so I chose large canning jars for each table and filled them with seasonal decor for each month.  I made 3 for each table.  Each centerpiece has lots of sparkle and bling for the filler in the jars and I used lots of pretty ribbons wherever possible.  All the pieces are attached to tiny dowels, so they stand up in the jars.

It was really fun and I think everyone liked them a lot.  The best part, besides making people happy, is that I bought tubs to store them and we'll use them again next time:)

Let's start with January, February and March.
For January, I used left-over snowflakes from one of our kits last year.
For February, I used several hearts die cut from our glimmer paper, scored them down the middle, and attached several so they'd be 3-D. 
For March, I used die cut flowers cut from our filter papers and spritzed them until I got the shade I wanted.  After they dried, I spritzed them again with shimmer mist.

Come back soon to see the rest of my decor for each month.  Have a beautiful day.  I'm off to enjoy my Christmas Retreat today.  We're going to have fun!

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  1. I love this idea. Last year I did framed art for every month of the year. I think I will see if anyone is interested in this décor idea for this year. What will you use for January since the kits are no longer available. We have to get back to talking. Are you going to Springfield to the kick off party?

  2. I don't know what else I'd use for January now... maybe the retired snowflake dies or maybe try snowmen or snowman heads. I can't go to Springfield. Hope you'll share what you do. Miss ya, Sushi.

  3. What are you putting in the bottoms of the jars? Miss seeing and talking to you

    1. I used vase filler in various colors and shapes to match the design of each jar. The seashell jars have tiny seashells added to them. Miss you, too. Life has been too busy lately!


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