Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eggs Please ... Wooden Eggs, That Is

I love, love, love creating new seasonal decor that you can enjoy again and again, with the change of each season.  It refreshes my home and it refreshes my soul.  I've had these wooden eggs around for 2 or 3 years now and decided that, this year, I'd better get cracking on them... pun intended:)
I love how they turned out!
First, I painted my eggs with a couple of coats of White Gesso.  Then, after they dried, I covered them with tiny, torn pieces of Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap, using a Clear Gesso.  This is really messy, but well worth it.  These eggs did have a flat bottom, so that made it a lot easier to stand them up to dry between coats. 
Once all the papers were dry, I added bits and pieces of left-over buttons and laces from some of our Artisan Embellishment Kits.  I placed my eggs in a bed of grassy goodness and displayed them in an old vintage scale.  I love this scale and it's so much fun to find something that looks really good in it for adding to my decor displays.
My younger grandson did mention to me that:  "I'm not sure why you have that table, Nanna.  You don't really use it except for displays and decorations."  See, he's already thinking like a man:)  He did say that all my eggs were beautiful, so I guess I'll keep him.  Love my little guy.

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