Thursday, September 24, 2015

OSW Tutorial Series, Part 2

Are you ready for Part 2 today?  Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, so I will share a beautiful card that fits the season and is all about OSW.  So... Happy Fall and now...let's get creating!  
This OSW is similar to my Part 1 card.  It just takes it down by 1/4" so that you can layer another color of CS behind it before attaching it to the card base.  This is a nice way to get two accent colors behind your top layer and pull together your color story.  For this OSW, we stamp first and then cut, using the diagram above.
Now, you're ready to design and create your own DSP.  This is really fun and you can get as creative as you'd like.  Using the design above on the left, stamp all your leaves, one color at a time.  You can divide up your colors however you'd like.  If you completely change your color story, you can have a card that's designed just like mine but takes on an entirely new look.
To make the process go a little quicker, I chose my ink colors and then set a leaf stamp on each pad to plan how to best use my colors.  I stamped all of 1 ink color/leaf and then moved to the next.

For this OSW, you'll get 6 card layers and then have a few little scrap pieces left over.  Save those for accents on future projects or give them to the kids to play with making their own creations.
Because my design is pretty busy, I decided to stamp only my top accent leaf and place a gold one and a plain CS one behind it.  They are attached with dimensionals and tied with a little sprig of linen thread.
Notice how a simple band of ribbon across your card can tone down a busy design and compliment it.  When this ribbon first came out, I had a customer go into a bit of a tangent about how it was pretty but too bulky for a ribbon.  She wanted flat bows.  My answer is to think outside the box.  Who says a ribbon is only for making bows?  To see more ideas on using ribbons, click here.
I have several more parts to this series, so keep coming back to see what's next.  Leave me a comment if you have questions or suggestions. 

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