Monday, March 3, 2014

More Crushed Curry, Please

Let's have some more Crushed Curry today and let's bump it up with a technique to create your own chevron strip with DSP.  Are you ready for some fun?  Let's take a look at the card with this technique and then I'll explain how I did it.

Here's the card:

How I made my chevron strip:
- Use Kaleidoscope DSP.
- Cut a 1/2" strip off the top of the sheet that has diagonal stripes on it.
- Cut a 1/2" strip off the side of the sheet that has diagonal stripes on it.
- Be sure you have stripes going different directions.
- Line up the stripes on the pieces you cut to create your chevron pattern.
- Yes, it's that easy... and fun.
- Because you're making cards, you can get several 'chevrons' from the same sheet of DSP.
- What else could you make with this technique?

My embossed piece of Crushed Curry is a separate layer, cut 1/4" smaller than the piece below it.  You could emboss the entire top of your card.  More often than not, I make my embossed piece a separate layer, just to add more texture and interest to my card.  No wonder my friends call me the "Queen of Layers."

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