Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Watercolor Wonder Designer Note Cards, Part 1

Ok, you guessed it.  This will be a series of 5 because we have 5 different designs in our pack of note cards.  I absolutely love these because they are actually watercolor paper!  I made a set of 5 that are pretty simple.  I'll be adding some 'stepped-up' versions soon.  Today, let's start off with a little banner action.
Isn't this cute?  I stamped a banner onto the envelope, too, so they would coordinate.  This is a 2-step stamp set, so you can add whatever color you'd like to the banner pieces.  (Are they balloons or lanterns?)  I chose colors that would match the zig-zag pattern already printed on the note card.  If you need a bunch of cards in a hurry, these are a perfect choice!

Remember, you're going to have a different look for your stamping on these cards, because you're stamping onto watercolor paper.
This one is hanging on a little 'clothesline' display in my studio.  I have all 5 of them together, so you can see them as a set.
Come back soon to see my other cards in the set.  I love them all, but I do think this one is my favorite.

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