Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dotty Angles, Card 2

It's a good thing today's card is quick and simple because I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday helping my daughter get more items for our Christmas Shoppe for this Saturday at our church.  The kids are going to have a lot of fun!  Today's card is a variation from the card in my previous post.
Same color story ... Real Red, Bermuda Bay ... same envelope with Washi Tape.
... different background ...  different text ... different embellishments ...
... and Card #1 ...
Today's plan:
..... Take Toby Joe to the vet (where my huge doggy will try to hide under the little bench and disappear) and then off to the grocery store and just maybe to find a replacement tree for our large (main) tree that died on Tuesday.  It just became a hopeless mess.  Aaron is quite worried about where we'll put our presents, so I must ease his sweet, little mind before he develops wrinkles at the age of 7.

Yesterday, in addition to shopping for the Christmas Shoppe, Jenn helped me redo my fireplace hearth.  I went a different direction from last year with the mantel and it looked like I had 2 different decor approaches going between the mantel and the hearth... both nice but not working together.  Before, I had more of a rustic look going and this year I went with an elegant champagne color story, with angels (large, beautiful, new angels) and lots of elegant sparkle.  We replaced the rustic vase with a beautiful, sparkly one and then found new, smaller decor items to place on each side with it.  I love it.  I'll post some photos once I've finished with the new tree I hope to find today.

My plan for once the tree is in place... more stamping and creative work.  It is my work, but it's almost impossible to call it that because it's so much fun!!!

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