Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Styles of Scrapbooking, Using Journals

Ready for another popular style of scrapbooking?  Let's jump right in then.  Today, we'll look at using journals.  If you need a review of the styles of scrapbooking that I've covered so far, just keep scrolling until you've covered it all.  Leave me a comment if you have a question about any of it.

using journals
--- such as our Epic Day This And That Journal, with coordinating designer stickers, Washi Tape and Rotary stamp.  These are great for taking with you on a trip and adding journaling and mementos as you travel.  This is a modern, more casual style of scrapbooking.  You can also use journals as a way to jot down and keep track of journaling ideas and/or layout sketches for future scrapbooking projects.

Here are a bunch of samples of kinds of journals that I've made and used.  They do not have to be just for scrapbooking, as they are handy for using in many ways.
I love making these little journals.  They are handy just for jotting down anything you need to remember.  Stampin' Up! is coming out with a new, larger version of this one.  I can't wait to plan how I want to decorate it and use it.

This journal helps me keep track of fun things the kids say and do... so I can use them later in my scrapbooking.
This journals helps organize Christmas preparations and record memories.
I made these 2 journals with My Digital Studio and had them printed for me.  I use them for planning and keeping track of ideas for classes and/or projects, including my scrapbooking.
This one is a prayer journal.  We each made one in my Scraps and Prayers class.  It has a coordinating bookmark.
These next 5 journals are technique journals that I've made and find very useful.  They make for handy and useful references when planning new projects, including scrapbooking.

Whew!  That's a lot to cover in one post.  You certainly should have gotten an idea or two to inspire you from all of these.  Now go try your own!  Have fun!

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